How to Customize Your Closet Without Spending Too Much

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In our master bedroom, there’s a relatively small walk-in closet that measures about 5.5 feet by 6 feet. We decided to dedicate the entire space to my storage needs since my partner has his own set of wardrobes and a dresser in the bedroom. 

Our goal was to optimize this space with a DIY custom closet design while staying budget-conscious. In case you’re wondering, here’s a breakdown of how we tackled this project:

The Design Process

Our closet design journey began with a crucial step: a thorough wardrobe purge. I wanted to ensure that only the clothing I truly loved and was excited to wear remained in my closet. This initial decluttering process provided valuable insights into the space requirements for hanging items, the need for drawers and shelves, and overall organization.

In our walk-in closet, we faced a challenge as one side had a limited depth of 18 inches. To make the most of this space, we opted for 15-inch deep cabinets. 

These cabinets were strategically designed to accommodate various storage needs, including vertical shoe storage, ample shelving for sweaters and t-shirts, and compact drawers for items like lingerie, socks, and swimsuits. 

Additionally, we incorporated hanging space, but with a slight adjustment to ensure that pants hung entirely within the cabinet. This innovative approach allowed us to install a DIY rolling ladder that smoothly glides in front of the entire unit, adding both functionality and a touch of charm.

On the opposite side of the closet, we utilized 24-inch deep cabinets to maximize storage capacity. These cabinets featured hanging space for shirts, skirts, and blazers, as well as a full-length area dedicated to dresses and long jackets. 

The inclusion of a stylish glass-front drawer allowed for easy visibility of neatly stacked denim, while the solid-front drawers beneath discreetly housed workout gear and loungewear.

This thoughtful closet design not only optimized space utilization but also transformed our walk-in closet into a highly organized and visually appealing area.

Achieving the Built-in Look

Our closet transformation continued with the installation of PAX wardrobes inside the closet. One thing to note here is that these wardrobes couldn’t fit through the door fully assembled, so assembly inside the closet was necessary. 

To secure them in place, we used a robust metal bar and bracket system from Ikea. This ensured the wardrobes were securely anchored to the wall.

To achieve a seamless, built-in look, we meticulously trimmed around the cabinets. The top received a polished touch with the addition of 4-inch crown molding. In addition, we used painted MDF pieces, cut to size, to fill in any gaps between the cabinets and the walls. 

A small vertical trim piece was strategically added to cover the junction where the fronts of the cabinets met. We then coated these trim pieces in a semi-gloss paint that we color-matched to the cabinets.

Completing the transformation, we installed a baseboard along the bottom of the wall and seamlessly connected it to the trim pieces. This comprehensive approach resulted in a closet that appeared entirely custom-built.

Extra Details

Our revamped closet boasts several standout features that I absolutely adore. 

Firstly, the pull-out drawers designated for jewelry and accessories have quickly become a personal favorite. They offer a perfect solution for keeping my beloved accessories dust-free and tangle-free while neatly tucked away.

We’ve also incorporated a stylish black wire basket, serving as a laundry hamper. Its aesthetic appeal far surpasses that of a conventional white plastic hamper, adding a touch of elegance to the closet.

For convenience, a stunning antique gold-framed mirror takes center stage. This mirror not only serves as a practical spot for outfit try-ons but also doubles as a convenient place to hang ready-to-wear clothing.

We selected the Forza Crystal Knobs for a touch of sparkle, complemented by a French Antique gold finish that beautifully matches the mirror. The consistent look is achieved by using a single knob on the smaller drawers and two knobs on the wider ones.

To add a touch of vintage charm, we installed an Ebony porcelain doorknob paired with a white porcelain and brass rosette. 

This combination seamlessly ties in with the existing black hardware in the bedroom, while the white and gold accents infuse a delightful twist and perfectly complement the French Antique finishes within the closet.

Hopefully, this overview of our DIY custom closet design has provided you with inspiration and valuable insights for your own closet transformation!

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