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Greetings and a warm welcome to you! I’m Jeannie, and I’m absolutely thrilled that you’ve found your way to Simply Beautiful Interior. A few years back, I embarked on this creative journey as a delightful escape to indulge in my profound affection for all things related to home decor.

Together with my partner, we’ve poured a decade of dedication into the gradual transformation of our cozy country retreat nestled in Canada.

Our journey has molded us into savvy creators who are proficient in conjuring up imaginative DIY home decor projects that allow us to embrace the elegance of high-end designs without straining our budget.

My heart is set on the art of curating a home that’s not just beautifully adorned but also profoundly lived in and cherished by my family. Beyond that, I relish the opportunity to guide and inspire others on their own home decor ventures.

So, if you ever need assistance or inspiration, or simply want to chat about all things home-related, I’m here and eager to assist!

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