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Efficiently organizing my home is a perpetual pursuit of mine! I’m particularly enamored with the Scandinavian, minimalistic, and utilitarian trends in home organization and design

The great news is that as these styles gain popularity, you can discover a plethora of aesthetically pleasing yet budget-friendly items. Here, I’m going to share with you some of my preferred places to scout for home organization supplies!

The Container Store

The Container Store is the ultimate dream for organizers! While shipping to Canada can be a bit expensive, I like to treat myself to a few items from there once in a while. One of my all-time favorites is their striped baskets. 

Plus, they recently launched a collaborative collection with Marie Kondo, which is worth checking out!


Ikea is an absolute gem for Scandinavian-style home goods that won’t break the bank. Their VARIERA white bins are a must-have in our home, and we use them all over the place. Plus, their prices on glass containers like the KORKEN jars are unbeatable. 

I also appreciate their commitment to sustainability with their new initiatives. And when it comes to bigger projects, Ikea’s cabinets and storage solutions have been a lifesaver in our Master Closet, Kitchen, Homework Nook, and more!

June Home Supply

I’ve recently become obsessed with June Home Supply which is a fantastic Canadian small shop that offers carefully curated items for a serene and minimalistic home. 

Their brass towel bars are absolutely stunning, and they also offer beautiful peg rails, utilitarian cleaning tools, and linens that are just perfect!


The Cross Design

The Cross Design is a stunning shop that offers a range of luxurious goods for the home. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting their store in Vancouver, and it’s truly a heavenly experience! 

It’s where I discovered my adorable “This is Our Happy Place” sign that now hangs beside my front door. They also have an adorable “Home Sweet Home” version that’s worth checking out.

Home Depot

Don’t underestimate the potential of your local hardware store when it comes to home organization. You can find some fantastic materials there to craft your own storage solutions. For example, pegboard and copper piping are among my favorite supplies to transform into functional storage options. 

Home Depot is our go-to spot, and it’s become something of a Friday night tradition for us!

Canadian Tires

Canadian Tire might sound like a store exclusively for automotive needs, but it’s actually a treasure trove of home goods in Canada. It’s the go-to place not only for Christmas but also throughout the year for organizing supplies like baskets and storage totes. 

You might be pleasantly surprised to find items from The Home Edit line there as well!

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